My name is Lauren, but you can call me Lo. I am 21 and I had the lap band surgery in 2010. I reached my highest weight, my depression was off the charts, and I could barely participate in the activities that people my age did. I am a college student and as my classmates started having the time of their lives, I sat at home working on my impending death. There is a program I want to do where I go to Jerusalem and study for 4 months through my school and a Europe trip that is a month long and in my current state, I would not be able to go. So I decided to get my life together. I started working with doctors towards getting Lap-band. I have worked my butt off to lose the weight before I could get the surgery and even after surgery it is no quick fix, and it only helps with portion control. On 9/28/2010 I got the surgery and I have lost some weight. Follow me on this journey as I get the rest of weight off and I live my life in the drivers seat. Starting weight: January - 315 Weight before surgery: September -271 Current weight: 220 Goals: 255[X] 250[X] 245[X] 235[X] 225 [] 215 [] 205 [] 200 [] 190 [] 180 [] 170 [] 150 [] 145 [] 135[] Total weight loss: 95 pounds Total weight to go: 90 pounds
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